Twin No.16

Twin No.16


Twin Magazine is a biannual art, fashion and feminism book.

This spring, Issue 16 is a study in shedding the weighty debris of expectation, and forging your own identity, under whatever guise that may take.

From the renunciation of labels with model Lulu Bonfils, to redefining femininity with the creators behind MoreMuhler, and reclaiming pink with musician GIRLI, we celebrate womanhood without limits. Similarly, we discover how family is at the core of the work done by 90-year-old artist Betye Saar, and those sentiments are echoed by fashion designer Molly Goddard, who we shadowed for a day.

Elsewhere, Chanel’s hyper real version of beauty is played with, and Louis Vuitton’s artistic vision for SS17 is realised. Photographer Dexter Navy experiments with the perception of future super Jean Campbell, and posing greats Erin O’Connor and Guinevere Van Seenus make the lens their own again.

Twin also delve into the world of all-girl skate culture and friendship, while director Crystal Moselle and BFF Danielle Levitt discuss the red-hot power of teenagers with passion. It’s a riot.

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