Kaleidoscope No.28

Kaleidoscope No.28


Following an ongoing and quite personal research project, new Editor-in-Chief Myriam Ben Salah edits this issue’s MAIN THEME survey dedicated to the subject of Disorientalism, or the deconstruction of a preconceived Middle-Eastern aesthetic. New voices in REGULARS, starting with New York-based curator Piper Marshall, who’s joined the ranks for some much-needed “Cheap Talk,” and Alessio Ascari, probing the blurred lines of the visual reign in a new series entitled Visualize. Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen talk to conceptual photographer Christopher Williams as part of the “Pioneers” series; in “Futura 89+,” Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets (with Katherine Dionysius) interview young artist Jasper Spicero; Jeffrey Deitch remembers punk legend Alan Vega in his “Renaissance Man” column; Fiona Duncan meditates on Alexa Karolinski and Ingo Niermann’s Army  of Love as part of “Pro/Creative”; and lastly, “What’s Next,” in awe of the upcoming season with Kickstarter’s Director of Arts Victoria Rogers.

Kaleidoscope, 2016, 248 pages, 230 × 300mm, English, Softcover.

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