Graphic No.37 — Introduction to Computation

Graphic No.37 — Introduction to Computation


How might computational approaches inform contemporary graphic design practices? Could programming or computational systems be the future of the graphic design? Issue #37 of GRAPHIC discusses the validity and possibilities of computational approaches today and in the future, as well as exploring the experiences of graphic designers using computation in their work.

Contributors: A2/SW/HK, Adrian Shaughnessy, Andrew LeClair, Andrew Blauvelt, Benedikt Groß, Catalogtree, Ellen Lupton, Erik van Blokland, Frederike Huygen, Hansje van Halem, Jonathan Puckey, Jürg Lehni, Ken Frederick, LUST, MuirMcNeil, Rob Giampietro

Propaganda Press, 2016, 192 pages, 230 × 300mm, English / Korean, Softcover.

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