Graphic No.35 Book Designs

Graphic No.35 Book Designs


Issue #35 of GRAPHIC explores contemporary book design. It is the final one that completes “The Book Trilogy” of GRAPHIC as originally intended, following #30 Publishers and #33 Bookshops. It features interviews with eleven designers/studios along with their comments on some books that they have designed. Six others contributed their own sections using their creativity to show their book design practices.

Contributors: Aaron Nieh, Andy Pressman, Aude Lehmann, Chad Kloepfer, Geoff Han, Gilles Gavilletm, Ingo Offermanns, John Mogan, Joris Kritis, Joost Grootens, Julia Hasting, Lamm & Kirch, Mirko Borsche, Nina Ulmaja, Paul Sahre, Thomas Petitjean, VARV VARV

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