Yuichi Jibiki — Tokyo Street Rockers 1978–1981

Yuichi Jibiki — Tokyo Street Rockers 1978–1981


Later in 70s, the punk movement ricocheted from New York and London to Japan. The bands such as Friction and Lizard and so on were called Tokyo Rockers and blew the audience's cork by their raging performances. This photo book is by Yuichi Jibiki who had been in the midst of that scene. Composed by the well-selected photos from vast numbers, this photo book is the essential evidence of the birth of Japanese punk movement.

The bands in the book: Friction, Lizard, Mr.Kite, Totsuzen Danball, SYZE, NON BAND, ZELDA, AUTO-MOD, THE STALIN, Hijou Kaidan etc.

Yuichi Jibiki: Born in 1949, Chiba prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Japan Photographic Academy. In 1978, after having opportunity to get along with the member of Lizard, started to relate deeply with the early Japanese punk scene as their photographer, manager and organizer. From 1981, started own label Telegraph Record and in 1986, published the book "Street Kingdom" which was composed by the photos and text about indie punk scene in 80s (the book has republished with DVD in 2008). Publishing the magazine "EATER" from 90s.

Little More Books, 304 pages, 150 x 198mm, Softcover.

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