Peter Wezel — Nepomuk

Peter Wezel — Nepomuk


Peter Wezel’s plain and simple tale starts when a pink bird flies by a house, spotting a bright orange fish inside a fishbowl. It is cross-species love at first sight when he leaves and returns with the gift of a worm for this apparently lonely and hungry aquatic creature. Wezel’s bright crayon colors and modest sketches are rendered with a deliberate childlike naiveté. Nepomuk is a good choice for children and adults alike in need of a story about kindness, sharing, and friendship. First published in 1964 by Diogenes Verlag AG.

Books without words—it almost sounds like a paradox. But there is no contradicition in the minds of those who have experienced the wonder of stories that spring from a sequence of images rather than a sequence of words. Wonderfully Wordless: The 500 Most Recommended Graphic Novels and Picture Books by William Patrick Martin.

Nieves, 2017, 32 pages, 195 × 255mm, Hardcover.

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