Noémie Goudal — Observatoires

Noémie Goudal — Observatoires


Drawing inspiration from the cosmic architecture of Jantar Mantar, Observatoires  depicts images of buildings (or fragments of buildings), staged by Noémie Goudal. The structures are created from images of concrete architecture that has been enlarged to human size, tiled across multiple sheets of paper and assembled atop a light frame. Like set pieces or props, these paper structures are transported to the isolated costal location for Goudal’s shoots. Their ephemeral presence within the photographic space and against their contrasting backdrops distorts or entirely erases all sense of scale and geography.

RVB Books, 2016, 16 pages, 10 B&W Photographs, 300 × 370mm, Softcover, PVC Dust Jacket.

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