Max Natkiel — Studio Paradiso

Max Natkiel — Studio Paradiso


As a frequent visitor to concerts at Paradiso, Amsterdams long-running music venue, in the early 1980s, Dutch photographer Max Natkiel encountered all manner of subcultures: punks, new-wavers, rockers, mods, Rastafarians, squatters, and metal- and skinheads. Eventually he decided to bring along his camera and started making portraits of the fascinating people he found; a collection eventually numbering over 1000. A selection of about 600 of these black and white photographs appears here, reflecting the explosion of pure youth culture and fierce desire for individuality he experienced in the decade between 1980-1990. With an introduction by philosopher Dirk van Weelden.

Voetnoot, 2013, 226 × 243mm, 624 pages, Softcover.

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